Woods ignites heated debate after calls for shorter-flying ball

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Tiger Woods says golf balls need to be made shorter, otherwise tournament courses will be forced to extend to 8,000 yards, or longer.

“Something has to be done about the golf ball,” Woods said during a recent podcast. Woods doesn’t think rolling back the golf ball would be a problem and added many pros are with him on this issue.

Well, what do you think?

Sentiment was mixed among those who commented about this on our Golfweek Facebook page.

Here is a rundown of some of the feedback we’ve gotten on this issue. Some comments have been edited for space, content and clarity.

Scott McCain: “Most ‘short hitters’ say that the ball goes too far and the clubs are too hot. I don’t remember Tiger getting ‘fired up’ about it when he was Top 5 in PGA Driving distance.”

Angelo Petrillo: “Just put more hazards between the 250 to 350 distance (i.e. more bunkers) and the big hitters would soon focus more on strategy than distance.”

Larry Ellis: “If the game becomes too easy, redesign golf course to take length out and make strategy more prevalent. Should still reward good ball striking and good short game/putting.”

Dennis Murray: “Leave the ball alone. Narrow the fairways and grow the rough higher. Make accuracy more important.”

Kent S. Brown: “Absolutely correct. Long irons used to separate the men from the boys. Now nobody hits more than a 7-iron except off an occasional tee. 7000 yards used to be a big deal. Now I’m 63 and play that length without having to hit driver very often. If you don’t want to roll back the ball, max driver heads at 360cc.”

Mike Devine: “In their prime, all the great golfers were playing golf and winning tournaments and winning majors with state-of-the-art golf equipment. The game and equipment has always moved forward. 2017 should be no exception.”

Les Smith: “There should be ‘official tour specs’ for those guys, but leave mine alone. I can barely hit it out of my friggin’ shadow as it is. Why would I want a shorter ball?”

Preston Nock: “Jack Nicklaus pushed for the same things for many years without getting any positive result. Hope Tiger is more successful.”

David Restall: “Tiger was saying this back in 2005 when he was No. 1 in the world. This is not a recent change of view.”

Patrick Phillips: “The best players in the world will be the best players in the world no matter what ball or club they use. Juice the ball and equipment, widen the fairways and shorten the rough. The game needs to appeal to the masses to keep growing.”

Eric Figueroa: “I’m having trouble reaching a long par-4 at my local course. TW will have me playing from the senior tees. Great!”

Scott Gordon: “Agree! Need a tour ball to keep great courses relevant. A viewer on TV will have no idea if a ball is going 310 or 340.”

Andy Ludwig: “Major and minor league baseball players use wood bats — they are the only ones who do so —everyone else uses aluminum / carbon bats. Golf should follow suit with something similar. Just think how many more courses the tour could play on if the ball didn’t go as far.”

Fred Villamor: “There are lots of players over the age of 50 on the Champions Tour that hit it 300+ yards … Eldrick certainly won’t have issues with his length off the tee. Haters keep Hatin’

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