Tiger, Phil say they’ve been friends for years, rivalry overblown

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In a fun but predictable Presidents Cup, there was one jarring development.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were acting like … good friends!

Yes, it’s true. The first buddy moment was captured Friday when Woods was seen raising his fist in celebration after Mickelson holed a birdie putt that would end up winning a four-ball match.

And then there was this moment, captured on camera, of Woods and Mickelson embracing after Sunday singles.

All jokes aside, this is really cool.

The pair was asked Sunday about the nature of their relationship.

Both parties made it clear that they’ve actually gotten on well for a long time.

“Tiger and I have been good friends and have gotten along very well in these team events for many years now,” Mickelson said. “Just because it doesn’t get reported or shown, is irrelevant. We’ve worked very well in these team events, and to share in our success has been really fun for us.”

As Mickelson alluded to there, the friendly side of their relationship doesn’t seem to get enough press.

Woods echoed Mickelson’s sentiment, and added on that the supposed “bad blood” between them has been overblown over the years.

“I think the press has made it out to more than what it has been,” Woods said, regarding to the perceived tension in the past between he and Mickelson. “We’ve been friends for a very long time. We’ve gotten very close by being on these teams. We’ve played against each other a lot down the stretch, and we have both enjoyed it.”

So there you have it, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson acting like friends and sticking by each other.

The world of golf is quite something in 2017.

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