PowerBug GT Tour DHC Lithium Electric Trolley


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PlotPowerBug GT DHC Lithium Electric Trolley

The PowerBug GT DHC stands for Down Hill Control.

Down Hill Control allows the trolley user to automatically maintain a constant speed when walking down hill, preventing the trolley from running away when being used on a hilly golf course.

In addition to the Down Hill Control, the GT DHC also features a parking brake.

This allows the trolley to be safely parked on a hill or slope eliminating the risk of the trolley rolling away whilst unattended.

PowerBug GT DHC Electric Golf Trolley Features

• 3 Year Warranty*
• Lightweight and Reliable Mini Lithium Battery
• Battery Charger Included
• Automatic Down Hill Control
• Electronic Parking Brake
• VRAP Distance Control
• Anti-Rotation Bag Supports
• High Traction Ribbed Tyres
• Free-Wheel Option
• Proven Robust Design
• Quick Release Low Profile Wheels
• Folds Up & Down in Seconds
• High-Torque Motor
• Lightweight Aero-Aluminium Construction
• Silent Drive System

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