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Orange Whip Swing Trainer*

The Orange Whip is the ideal golf swing trainer and the perfect fitness tool for golfers. Simple and efficient and available in 3 sizes, the Orange Whip was developed to be the most dynamic and practical golf swing aid on the market. It will improve your golf swing and provide a core-muscle workout focused on the golf-specific muscles. Each end of the Orange Whip has a unique weighting system that works together with the flexible shaft to improve your golf swing and physical fitness. The Orange Whip conditions the user to maintain balance and swing in an athletic motion that creates greater power, accuracy and consistency.

Available in 3 Lengths

Orange Whip Trainer:

  • Designed for men and taller women.
  • Length – 47.5 inches in total length, approximately 45 inches actual swing length (Men’s Driver)
  • Weight – The total weight is 1.75 pounds.
  • Simulates driver motion. Recommended Whip for core fitness and flexibility.
  • Ideal Whip for balance and tempo enhancement.


Orange Whip Golden:

  • Designed for those under 5′ 6′ tall or beginners. Recommended for men, women, teens, and seniors.
  • Length – 44 inches in total length, approximately 41inches actual swing length (Men’s mid-iron/ Ladies driver).
  • Weight – The total weight is 1.65 pounds.
  • Simulates mid-iron motion and ladies’ driver motion.
  • This model is more manageable to swing because it is shorter than the ‘full sized’ trainer.
  • Provides some core fitness and flexibility.
  • Ideal Whip for most women and senior golfers to improve their balance and tempo.


Orange Whip Hickory:

  • Designed for juniors aged 7 – 12. Adults will also notice benefits to their wedge game swinging this model.
  • Length – 38 inches in total length, approximately 36 inches actual swing length (short iron and wedge).
  • Weight – The total weight is 1.3 pounds.
  • This model has a more flexible shaft than the Trainer or the Golden making it ideal for juniors.
  • ADULTS are cautioned when swinging this version aggressive and/or over-swinging may result in injury.
  • Ideal Whip for juniors and adults working on finesse shots for wedges.


How to use:

To use the Orange Whip, assume a proper golf stance and grip it as you would a normal golf club. Maintaining your balance, begin to swing the weight of the device back and forth like a golf swing. Start with quarter swings, then increase the motion to half swings, and continue to gradually let the momentum of the Orange Whip build untill you are taking full swings. Think of a child in a swing and the gradual way momentum builds before the child reaches the full apex of the swing motion.

This simple method for using the Orange Whip helps the user develop rhythm and balance in their golf swing while strengthening core-muscles. Improved strength, rhythm and balance will lead to greater consistency, power and accuracy. The Orange Whip is portable, fits easily in a golf bag or the boot of a car, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Swing the Orange Whip anywhere that allows the space for your motion. It only takes a few minutes a day, 3-4 times a week to improve your golf swing and conditioning. Enjoy the Orange Whip, make it a part of your daily routine.

Total Game improvement

Jim Hardy breaks down the Orange Whip and explains why he uses it to teach his students and Tour Pros, and Jim Hackenberg, the Orange Whip creator, explains the proper way to develop your athletic swing


The Orange Whip and the Rules of Golf

The Orange Whip does not conform with Rule 14-3a of the Rules of Golf.

Use of the Orange Whip during a stipulated round, other than for stretching, is not permitted. However, a player is allowed to carry the device in his/her golf bag.


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Mens 47", Ladies Teens Senior – 43", Juniors Aged 7 12 – 38"


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