MacGregor DCT Junior Package Set 12-14Yrs

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MacGregor DCT Junior Package Set 12 – 14 Years

  • Designed for use by 12-14 year old boys
  • The clubs have a sleek and contemporary look, potentially appealing to young golfers.
  • The clubs are shorter and lighter than adult clubs, making them easier for young players to swing and control.
  • The shafts on our junior sets are more flexible than adult shafts, allowing for smoother swings and generating more power with less effort.
  • Comes with lightweight stand bag
  • Available in right hand only.

The MacGregor DCT Junior Package Set, designed specifically for boys aged 12-14 years, is an ideal starter kit for young golfers looking to develop their skills on the course.
The set is optimized for the body type and strength of young golfers, allowing for easier swinging and improved control.
It includes an oversized driver, low-profile hybrid, 5-iron, 7-iron, 9-iron , sand wedge and mallet putter for improved stability and accuracy on the green.
The set also comes with a portable and lightweight stand bag to carry your clubs in with multiple compartments to store those essential accessori

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