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“Swash by Lynx” comprises a collection of four exceptional models, all featuring brand new alignment designs and ball roll technology developed by the short-game guru, Harold Swash, known affectionately around the world as ‘The Putting Doctor’.

All the putters feature the new Pyramid Groove Design™ (PGD) – a unique trapezoid shape milled into the gold coloured aluminium face insert where a central section of horizontal grooves is met by two sets of side grooves running at 60 degree angles.

With three years in design and testing, the revolutionary pattern combats the ‘gear effect’ on off-centre strikes – where impact towards the toe of the putter causes putts to finish short right and impact towards the heel causes putts to finish short left.

Off-centre strikes produce side-spin and shot curvature as the putter rotates slightly at impact. Our new groove design is corrective and counters those damaging effects, bringing the ball back online and generating consistency and better grouping.”

Swash Putters by Lynx also introduces two new alignment aid technologies: one to help the golfer keep the putter head square at address and impact; the other to ensure the golfer’s eyes stay directly over the ball.

The Luxor blade style putters, Memphis mallet and Rameses supermallet all feature a high contrast 3mm wide gold alignment stripe running the length of the putter head set against a matt black finish.

This highly visible design illustrates instantly if the head is not square to the target line of putt.

Each model also introduces the Pyramid Alignment System™ (PAS) – tetrahedron-shaped alignment aids on the rear helping the golfer to stand with their eyes directly over the ball.

Visually, the golfer should line up their ball with the clean, straight edge running back from the top corner of the pyramid to its rear corner.


Pyramid Groove Design™ (PGD).

Pyramid Alignment System™ (PAS),

3mm wide gold alignment stripe.

Matt black finish.


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