Lynx Golf Junior 7 Iron (2+ Years)


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Lynx Golf Junior 7 Iron (2+ Years)

The Lynx Junior range consists of clubs specifically made for 2 to 14 year-olds. They are differentiated by various colours for each range because we recognise that children don’t always fall neatly into age groups for their sizes.

Lynx also offer junior stand bags to allow children to get out on the course straight away, looking and feeling the part.

Each club in the range is made to exactly the right specifications for a childrens differing sizes, giving young players the best possible chance to reach their potential with clubs made for them. Each shaft in the range is manufactured so the kick point lies in the correct place for each age-range, and each head is weighted specifically to give the best chance of developing their game accurately. The range features everything children need to get into golf. Lynx is dedicated to growing the game and there’s no better time to start.


  • Lightweight and stylish looks
  • Graphite Lynx Series 15 Shaft
  • Ultimate performance for young players
  • Weighted Head for Developing the Game Accurately
  • Manufactured so the kick point lies in the correct place
  • Available for 2+ Years and 4+ Years

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