New TaylorMade R1 Driver Unveiled

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TaylorMade have unveiled their new R1 driver, the follow-up product to the massively-successful R11S. The Taylormade R1 has been designed with 12 loft options and seven face angle settings, as well as the brand’s famous movable weight technology – but despite the high level of adjustability, it’s an intuitive piece of equipment that is easy to use.

“Offering a wide range of loft settings is imperative, because our research indicates that 80% of golfers are playing the wrong loft, which costs them distance,” said Dr Benoit Vincent, the Taylormade chief technical officer. “The R1 offers 12 positions to help golfers find the loft that delivers the launch conditions that deliver maximum distance.”

There are seven standard loft positions, and five upright ones, while golfers can also change the face angle to sit in one of the following positions – neutral square, open, medium-open, maximum-open, closed, medium-closed and maximum-closed.

In addition to the easier-to-use adjustability, the driver features an innovative crown design following consultation with Dr Steve Hitzeman, a professor of sports optometry. The combination of white, black, grey and orange on the crown helps the golfer with alignment, while the sizeable head inspires confidence at address.

The Taylormade R1 is truly ground breaking and represents an incredible leap forward in technology, more distance and better adjustability.
This driver is designed designed to fit all golfers alike although it is available in a range of shaft flexes to suit different swing speeds. Comes supplied with a Taylormade wrench for the adjustment, it has 12 different loft options to get the perfect launch angle, 7 face angle options as well a movable weights to produce either a neutral ball flight or a distance enhancing draw.
The R1 driver feels lighter to swing and is a more aerodynamic shape than its predecessors the R11 and R11s to create greater clubhead speed and this leads directly to more distance. The R1 is incredibly easy to adjust to the optimal setting for your own game, find the loft that’s best suited to your swing and then adjust the base plate to set it to the face angle you require.
Taylormade have styled the head with some graphics that not only look stunning but serve a real purpose in helping to ensure you are aiming straight. One of the biggest problems with amateurs off the tee is how often they are aiming offline, this simple but effective alignment aid can help make that a thing of the past. The stunning looks have helped create a surge of interest not seen since white drivers were first launched.

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