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SwingWing Power Swing Trainer
The SwingWing is an inflatable swing trainer that provides wind resistance to develop a stronger, faster swing. The patented design creates just the right amount of resistance. This golf training aid helps improve a golfer’s tempo, lag, sequencing, and body turn, resulting in increased distance off the tee. It can be used at home, on the range or when warming-up before play. The SwingWing is ightweight, easy to inflate and use, as well as being simple to deflate, pack and carry. It’s made of flocked vinyl and doesn’t clamp onto the shaft, so it won’t scratch them. It can be used on any club. After use, the SwingWing can be attached to a towel hook or deflated and stored in your bag.

It also doubles as an Impact Ball, which can be placed between your forearms to promote syncronisation between the arms and body during the swing and eliminate undesirable wrist action during chipping and putting. Placing the SwingWing between your knees during the swing helps isolate the core and builds resistance between the upper and lower half for added power.

  • Builds power and increases clubhead speed for consistently longer drives
  • Promotes proper tempo, lag, sequencing, and a full body turn
  • Fastest way to loosen up before playing
  • Fits any club – simply slide over the grip and down the shaft
  • Durable, yet soft, flocked vinyl… won’t damage graphite shaft
  • Lghtweight – easy to deflate, pack and carry
  • Can be used as an Impact ball to improve your swing
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The SwingWing Golf Training Aid is perfect because it is lightweight, easy to inflate and use, and easy to deflate, pack and carry. It does not clamp onto the shaft, it won’t scratch your graphite driver. It can be used on any club, and can be used anywhere you can swing away.
Also a secondary practice use for this product is that it can help maintain the forearm or leg positions during the swing, it fits easily between the forearms at the address position and can be held by the forearms during full or half swings, thus creating better syncing between arms and body. This is simular to what the very popular Impact Ball achieves.
Inflate the Power Swing Trainer. Slide onto club shaft and position near club head. For warm-up and strength-building, swing the club 10 to 20 times, increasing effort with each swing. After use, the SwingWing can be attached to a towel hook, or it can be deflated and stored in your golf bag.

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