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Motocaddy announces FREE CART BAG offer with every S3 Digital Electric Golf Trolley purchased upto 24th December 2009


If you’re in the market for an electric golf trolley, then you’ve come to the right place. Motocaddy are leading the way in design, technology and reliability. Most golfers understand the benefits of using an electric golf trolley, but there used to be a bit of a stigma attached to using one – not any more! Proud Motocaddy owners all over the world get in touch with us every day to tell us how much they love their trolley and wish they’d bought one years ago. They are glad they waited because Motocaddy only came onto the market in early 2005!

Since then Motocaddy have worked tirelessly to bring the best quality trolleys to the market at prices that are affordable for all golfers. The current range comprises of the S1 Digital and S3 Digital.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable Distance Control (ADC) allows you to set the trolley to travel any distance between 5 and 60 yards/metres
  • New Competition Mode, allows speed and distance readings to be temporarily disabled should the need arise
  • Two of the distance readings allowing you to measure the distance of your drives, or measure and other distance you require
  • Total distance reading measures the lifetime distance of the cart in miles or km.
  • Ergonomic Dual Handles made from rubber provide a very comfortable grip and make it easy to steer the cart
  • Lightweight and very sturdy aerospace grade aluminium frame (only 7.6kg!) with all plastic parts made from durable nylon
  • Quick Release Wheels
  • Includes Slimline 3A Charger – stops charging when the battery is full to protect battery
  • Folds down compactly in one move with brand new locking system. Cart locks together for easy transportation
  • Weight: Only 7.6kg (without battery)
  • New for 2009 – Powerful and highly efficient third generation 200W motor
  • New for 2009 – Smaller, lighter battery without any loss of power or performance
  • New for 2009 – Key components are now even easier to change
  • In the unlikely event you encounter a problem, the new S3 Digital includes a revolutionary self diagnosis system to discover the fault and get you back on the course quicker than ever before
  • Available with two battery options – 18 Holes (12V 22Ah) or 36 Holes (12V 33Ah)
  • The S3 is covered by a comprehensive 12 month warranty

Distance Reading Detail Two of the distance readings can be reset at any time, allowing you to measure the distance of your drives, or measure how far past a yardage marker your ball is, or even measure how far you’ve walked on your entire round. There is also a total distance reading which can’t be reset, which measures the lifetime distance of the cart in miles or km. The readings are very accurate as they are taken from the revolutions of the axle. Please note distances will only be correct on the occasions where you can travel in a straight line to your ball!

Motocaddy S3 Digital (Black) – Everythings in the Box
Everything you need is included in the box. Please charge the battery for a miniumum of eight hours before using the cart for the first time.

Pack includes:

  • Motocaddy S3 Electric Golf Trolle
  • 12V 22h Battery
  • Compact Charger
  • One year warranty
  • Instruction Manual

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