Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Ladies Golf Balls

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DX2 Soft

The re-designed 2-piece Wilson Staff DX2 Soft is now the softest distance ball on the market. This 40 Compression ball, the lowest of any ball available to golfers in the UK, has become one of the most popular golf balls played by regular players over the last five years. Take the Dx2 Soft challenge and reap the benefits of distance off the tee and softness around the green.

The Softest Distance Ball

– Long off the Tee: Exceptional distance performance and improved control due to lower spin off the driver

– Soft around the Greens: Softer feel for improved playability around the greens

40 Compression

– Amazingly soft ball that is half the compression of the average of leading competitor balls

– A high C.O.R. which results in high velocity and exceptional distance

– A seamless 302 dimple pattern resulting in consistent ball flight


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