Reload Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls Refurbished

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Reload Pro V1 Golf Balls Refurbished

Titleist Pro V1 refurbished and packaged to look and perform like new. If you like the golf balls but don’t like the price of a dozen new, buy a dozen of the refurbished

  • 12 pack golf balls
  • Refinished grade A
  • Designed to maximize spin and feel for enhanced performance
  • Soft urethane elastomer cover material provides high performance on a variety of different shots
  • Urethane elastomer
  • Like New Refurbished Golf Balls
  • Golf Ball will have no player markings or logos
  • Performance is like a new golf ball

Refurbished are not like recycled or used, all logos and imprints are removed and only top grade, quality golf balls are used.


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