Oakley Golf Driver Cap

Built with stretchy mesh, the breathable Driver Cap is a links-lover’s best friend when the heat is on. Featuring eye-popping color contrast along with an iconic logo in front, this cap offers athletic style to accompany its comfortable fit.


Special textiles and construction techniques enhance breathability to improve comfort by reducing the buildup of moisture and heat. The resulting micro-environment is less favorable to bacterial growth, so breathability helps reduce odor.


Reduced weight is an obvious benefit to comfort, and our innovation focuses on achieving it with a level of durability that respects the heritage of Oakley performance technology.

Moisture Management

This technology uses wicking action to pull perspiration away from skin and move it to the surface to aid evaporative cooling. It also helps keep the wearer dry to maximize comfort and reduce the chance of temperature crash in cold environments.

UV Protection

Helps protect your skin from the damaging solar rays of ultraviolet light.


  • Absorbent headband keeps sweat out of the eyes
  • O-Flex fit and stretch mesh construction deliver a vented, comfortable fit
  • 100% Polyester


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