Motocaddy LitePower Lithium Battery


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Motocaddy LitePower Lithium Battery

The new Motocaddy LitePower Lithium battery available at new low, competitive prices. also come with a 5 Year limited warranty and offer the UK’s thousands of electric trolley owners a far more attractive replacement battery solution than the traditional lead-acid option.

75% lighter than lead-acid equivalent

Five times longer average lifetime than lead-acid equivalent

Five year limited warranty – See Motocaddy website for further details

Compatible with 99% of electric trolleys in current use Compact footprint will fit all known battery trays

Recharging time less than half of lead-acid equivalent Supplied with popular Interconnect / T-bar connector Torberry cable also available

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LitePower-15ah-18-Hole-Battery-, LitePower-22ah-36-Hole-Battery-


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