Eyeline 360 Degree Mirror for Full Swing & Putting

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Eyeline Uber 360 Degree Mirror for Full Swing & Putting

The Über Mirror is an 18” convex mirror (50% larger than the 360 Mirror). It’s uniqueness is the flat edge that gives you a perfectly vertical line. It’s ideal for tracking positions in the swing and stroke. Head movement, shoulder turn, hands at the top of the swing… watch everything without looking up from the ball. Use it at the course or at home to create the visuals you need for shrinking your handicap.
Note : Video is for the prevous model of 360 Degree Mirror but it has the same benefits.
  • The 360 Convex Über Mirror gives instant feedback of your full swing … while you stay in your address position.
  • The Über?s flat bottom edge assures a perfectly vertical center line.
  • It is the ideal reference for shoulder turn, shaft lean, address positions, and steady head.
  • The stand for the Über creates stability and allows adjustment for all size players.
  • Use a dry marker on the acrylic mirror to help you move to your desired positions – it becomes your custom practice station.
The Eyeline 360 Degree Convex Mirror gives you a unique and total view of your swing or stroke without looking up and changing your posture. When you address the ball the mirror will show your total setup positions. As you make your backswing you will see every movement. Rehearse your positions. See them. Is you head moving? Are you making a complete backswing? The Eyeline 360 Degree Convex Mirror will show you instantly. Get better with every swing.


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